One thing has always been certain throughout Lyndsay’s life: with a face, some paint and powder, and a few trusted brushes (or fingers!), she could create masterpieces. From an early age, Lyndsay always contemplated the laws of beauty and art. It was a clear path for her to study the art of makeup and blossom into an artist herself, but having had no formal art training in school, no understanding of color theory, or any knowledge of proper artist techniques, her beginnings were unlike other artists in the industry. Thus, her techniques in her artistry are what sets her apart. Her perfected beauty makeup with a focused edge is what her style is based around. She combines blossoming trends with tried and true technique to perfect every beauty application.

As a young professional in the beauty industry, Lyndsay's  short but successful 7 years in the industry has been filled with recognition from multiple awards and publications. Her artistry can be seen on actresses like Rashida Jones, rock bands like Guster, runways at New York Fashion Week, and Magazines like Harvard Business Review. When she is not busy on set, she manages and mentors a talented team of 8 artists for her event hair and makeup company Lyndsay Simon Beauty. Her professional, energetic, and creative nature on set helps her to produce the desired vision on any job, which leaves her long list of devoted clients always coming back for more.

Lyndsay is travels between Boston and NYC and is more than happy to travel worldwide.